About Me

Hey girl.

I recently graduated with my B.A. in English and my time in college really helped me to develop an appreciation for words and their capabilities. I’m a creative and I write fiction and poetry, but I also have an interest in non-fiction writing like blog posts, news reports and other broadcast-esque articles. When reading articles from Fader, UPROXX, Pitchfork, CNN, Genius, Artspace, LADbible and other websites you can really see the creative flourishes that exist in this form of writing.

With that being said, this is a place where I’d like to explore the creative abilities of words and to discuss different topics by presenting all of the information and then formulating an opinion. By presenting the facts we can spread information rather than simply spreading opinions about information.

So here it is. My blog.

I primarily write about race, politics, entertainment and music, but every now and then you may find a post about something different.

In addition to this blog, I write articles on Vocal Media, post videos on YouTube (forthcoming), and illustrations on Instagram (sporadically). I also like to attend art and comic conventions as a vendor/exhibitor and I work part time for a marketing company. Feel free to check out my writing samples and gallery. View the links below or use the contact form for more information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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