Update: March 24, 2019




The past couple of months have been an adventure through which I learned a lot about the world around me and about myself (mostly myself). I’ve learned a lot about challenging myself and understanding my limits. But here is an update on where I’ve been and where we’re going.


The biggest change that occurred recently was my move out. I had been staying with a friend and I finally moved into a place where my name is on the lease! Adulthood is frightening, truly. I’ve been getting replies from grad schools recently as well and I’ve been applying to Americorps programs. I’m honestly just doing everything that I can to get things done without annihilating myself.

Art and Conventions

My last convention will be on April 20th. This is my last convention for the inconceivable future. I’ve decided to change the way that I pursue artwork. I will still be doing freelance work and commissions, but I won’t be pressuring myself to post online nearly as much. As of right now, I don’t think I’ve posted in months. I found that when I was pressuring myself to complete one drawing a day on top of working and writing, the quality of my work (all of it, not just the art work) began to suffer. I began to dread getting home from work, when your home should be a haven of peace. I may pursue some conventions later in the year, but for right now this is it. So I won’t be refilling my stock or anything; if I run out, it is what it is.


I’m still writing; in fact, I’m writing more than ever. I’m starting my first round of revisions on my novel, I’m working on a short story collection, I’m editing a non-fiction piece and a few other things. I’m also reading more (I truly forgot how much I love reading). I’m reading Caucasia and If Beale Street Could Talk and they’re both stellar novels. I’m also still writing freelance and continuing my internship with Audible Addixion.


This blog is still very much alive. I have a really great lineup that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’m also working on some music/movie reviews. They are written, but anything that I have a lot to say about, I’ll probably make some sort of video essay about. Between this week and next week, you’ll see me roll out a ton of posts for you to oggle at. I’ve also added a few things to the blog like writing samples, a photo gallery and some other small things. Take a look around and see if you can spot the changes.

It took me so long to get here, but here I am. Things are far from perfect. There are still so many things in my life that I want to change. But writing has always done a lot for me and just looking at this blog makes me feel so much better.

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