Nyck Caution has a new single...

For the last few months Nyck Caution has been teasing the release of his first solo album and the first single is finally here. After hearing him on the Nyck @ Knight project and some other projects by other artists (Joey Bada$$, Marlon Craft, etc.), we get to see him shine on his own project, which we haven’t seen in about 3 years.

Nyck real name is Jesse Cordasco. NYCK stands for New York City Kid. He joined Pro Era after the late, great Capital STEEZ saw him rap at a friend’s rock show. After joining Pro Era, Nyck dropped his first project The Pursuit Vol.1. Between this project and his next one, Disguise the Limit, there was a three year gap. This time really allowed him to find his style. It also allowed him to improve his writing, learn a bit about production and gain a bit of momentum. He was able to really make an impression in Pro Era’s Rap Fix cypher and slowly released singles.

Disguise the Limit received mildly positive reviews, mostly as a project that showed a lot of potential for Nyck ’s future. The Disguise the Limit project was one that was polished and clearly carefully curated. There was a very consistent tone on the album in terms of subject matter. The production on tracks like “Crucifix,” “Basin” and “Density” really made the project enjoyable for me. Overall, it worked as an example of what Nyck had the potential to do and be when given a chance to shine outside of small features. Between the release of Disguise the Limit and this new project, Nyck released the Nyck at Knight project with Kirk Knight, featured on the All-Amerikkkan Bad$$ album, he released some freestyles and was a part of the Beast Coast project, Escape from New York.

In my opinion, Nyck is one of the most slept on members of Pro Era and it seems like that is primarily because of his own patience. When you’re part of such a large collective and you’re not signed to a larger record label, there’s more waiting time than listeners would expect. Everyone has their own projects to release and they can’t just be thrown out all at once. They all need to have a their own specific roll-out without being out-shined by other projects or names from the same group, that would be a bit like friendly fire. Sadly, this means that we get a great freestyle from Nyck every once in a while, but no major releases. He’s one of the most lyrically and stylistically consistent. Particularly, the Beast Coast album was one where the artists were labored with making a big impression in a small amount of time. Of course, I’m biased, but I think NYCK did really well with this task. There were some points where he had me a little worried, like with his verse on “Far Away.” But when you really look at that song it’s all pretty exaggerated.

On July 19th, Nyck Caution dropped “Warning Signs” the first single from his upcoming album. This comes right ahead of the first show on the Escape from New York tour. He also dropped a video and I wish he’d drop the curly hair routine as well, but I’mma mind my business on that one. The song itself is so on brand with Nyck Caution that it’s ridiculous. The Chris Jericho sample, the wrestling references, it sounds like a song that he’d release, despite the inevitable comments about Pro Era changing their sound to sound mainstream. I know that a lot of fans were expecting something more lyrically complex with this release and I was as well, but now that I’ve had a few hours to think about it, I’m glad that it was not a more complex track. He’s going to be performing this song on the Escape from New York tour and he released it in close proximity to their first show. A complex song probably wouldn’t be the best track to release so close to a performance, it doesn’t give fans much time to learn the song. It seems like a song that’s more for moshing and all of that rowdy shit, which Nyck is a fan of. In terms of predictions for his album, I’m keeping my mind open. So much can change in three years, I think that there will be a track with Kirk, they’re like the dynamic duo at this point. But besides that, I don’t have any other predictions, I just wanna hear the album.