Writing Samples

The following is a list of my writing samples and writing experience. I have been a freelance writer for almost a year now and I have been working on building my portfolio. In addition to writing creatively, I write copies and blog posts for two marketing companies (as an independent contractor. You can also find any online and print published work of mine here.



My resume and CV highlight almost ten years of work, volunteer and internship experience, public readings and publications.

COPY WRITING and freelance work

My freelance work has been on a wide range of topics from personal injury law to the best human hair extensions. Usually, these writings require me to do a bit of research before writing the articles. So, they always provide a learning experience as well.



creative writing

This is a short sampling of my creative writing. I have been writing creatively for as long as I can remember and I have hundreds of stories on a plethora of hard drives and notebooks and random scraps of paper. I am working on migrating over to digital platforms, but it’s difficult.